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Real Estate & Divorce

Bay Area Community Property Attorney

During the divorce process, property must be identified, characterized, valued and divided. Questions regarding real estate can present complex legal issues, particularly regarding title of the property and its value. To protect your rights and interests, representation by a knowledgeable attorney is essential.

At my family law practice, Gardner & Lewis LLP, I advise and represent clients in Oakland and the Bay Area in all matters relating to division of community property. I focus on cases involving complex property issues and high-value marital estates.

If you are contemplating divorce or have been served by your spouse, I can answer your questions regarding community property, real estate and other matters. In representing you, I will use my experience to achieve a property settlement that enables you to move forward after divorce in a positive manner.

Contact me online or call 510-291-4884 to arrange for a consultation.

Resolving Complex Real Estate Issues

I have extensive experience in complex property division issues, including those involving ownership of residential and commercial property. I place a strong emphasis on developing creative solutions that not only protect my client's rights, but also resolve the issue in a common sense manner.

Community real estate matters may involve complex tax issues. I can work with my own tax experts and financial consultants or my clients' tax accountants to minimize potential tax consequences of real estate division during the divorce.

Acquiring or transferring title to real estate during marriage presents some unique legal issues which can expose you to significant risk. Before you make any moves in this regard, consult with me about any potential issues that need to be addressed.

Divorce in a Time of Distressed Real Estate Values

For many couples, the home is the largest marital asset. What happens when that asset has suffered a significant decline in value? Or when more money is owed on the mortgage than the home is worth? Each case is unique and requires a personalized solution.

I have helped many clients resolve these questions. In some cases I have recommended bankruptcy, while in others I have advised against it. Short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure should also be explored. I will carefully review your situation and recommend the course of action which best protects your assets and interests.

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I first met Mr. Gardner when I desperately needed help with an out-of-control divorce and custody situation. He was very attentive, thoroughly responsive, and absolutely compassionate as he helped me regain mental focus and legal control. Few attorneys practice their craft with the level of transparency and trust Mr. Gardner's clients enjoy as a matter of routine. As a senior management professional in a large Bay Area organization, I truly appreciate Mr. Gardner's no-nonsense, trustworthy, experienced approach solving legal problems.

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