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Domestic Partnership / Same Sex Marriage

California Domestic Partnership Attorney

A registered domestic partnership provides legal recognition to same sex couples and heterosexual couples where one of the partners is at least 62 years. It also affords certain rights and privileges to the couple, and at the same time imposes certain obligations on each individual. In many ways, taxes, immigration and social security being major exceptions, a domestic partnership can serve the same financial purposes as a same sex marriage or traditional marriage.

At my practice, Gardner & Lewis LLP in Oakland, California, I provide advice, services and representation to individuals in all aspects of domestic partnerships. As a family law attorney with over 20 years experience, I understand the complexities of California law and how to develop workable solutions that protect my clients' rights.

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Developing a Domestic Partnership Agreement

You do not need a domestic partnership agreement to establish a legally recognized domestic partnership. But for many couples it is a wise idea. A domestic partnership agreement is much like a prenuptial agreement. It can define support obligations and what assets are to be considered separate property, to protect your assets should a breakup in the relationship occur.

I can draft an agreement, review a proposed agreement or provide an opinion on the validity of an existing domestic partnership agreement.

Dissolution of a Domestic Partnership

A couple in a domestic partnership can face strains in the relationship just as married couples can. For some couples in this situation, dissolution of the partnership is sometimes the best option.

Dissolution of a domestic partnership involves the same issues that divorce in a traditional marriage does. Community property must be identified and divided. The payment of support by one partner to the other may or may not be required. Custody issues may be especially vexing.

I represent clients in domestic partnership dissolution and same sex divorce matters with the same dedication and diligence which I apply to all my family law cases. In your case, I will work to achieve a prompt resolution of all outstanding issues as efficiently as possible, while protecting your rights at all times.

Same Sex Marriage and Divorce

The California Supreme Court had not yet issued its final ruling on Proposition 8. If you have questions about the status of an existing same sex marriage or your rights, I can provide advice and guidance. I can also represent you in a same sex divorce action and related matters.

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