Once set, child support payments are legally binding. Unfortunately, circumstances in a person’s life can change, sometimes suddenly. If changing circumstances make an ordered child…

Henry F. Lewis Sep 17, 2020

Senate Bill 30 allows heterosexual couples to register for domestic partnerships in California. Family law attorneys at Gardner & Lewis, LLP, can help clients understand…

Henry F. Lewis Aug 17, 2020

When spouses choose to divorce, there are various issues that will need to be settled including the division of assets, child custody, and child and/or…

Henry F. Lewis Jul 16, 2020

Divorce can be a scary and uncertain time, especially regarding finances. Alimony is issued on a case-by-case basis, so not all divorces are subject to…

Henry F. Lewis Jun 24, 2020

When a couple is going through a divorce, there are often areas of contention, especially if the couple shares a child. Before a divorce, a…

Henry F. Lewis May 27, 2020

Court orders are enforceable, so should any issues arise, there are legal options to consider. The family law attorneys at Gardner & Lewis, LLP discuss…

Henry F. Lewis Apr 27, 2020

Most people think of divorces as expensive, complicated, and hostile affairs. But there are situations when spouses can part amicably. Divorce lawyers Michael A. Gardner…

Henry F. Lewis Apr 02, 2020

After a divorce, can custody and visitation be altered?  The answer depends on the needs of the children.  At Gardner & Lewis, LLP, we can…

Henry F. Lewis Mar 05, 2020

In answering that exact question, the McTeirnan Court observed there were two possibilities:  A person “doing business” or a “professional, commercial or industrial enterprise with…

Henry F. Lewis Feb 04, 2020

What to consider when you are considering a prenuptial agreement.

Henry F. Lewis Jan 26, 2020

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The needs of your family are always at the forefront of our legal services. Whether through litigation or mediation, we believe that reaching a fair, efficient solution with minimal negative impact to your family is of the utmost importance. Henry F. Lewis

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